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We are proud to embrace clinical research; working with and for all our patients

to help advance and improve future health outcomes for everyone.


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Thank you to all our patients who are involved in our current research into developing the

next Covid Booster Vaccine

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Your local pharmacy can now supply prescription-only treatment, if they believe you need it, for the following conditions: 

  • Sinusitis (for patients aged 12 years and over only), Sore throat (aged 5+), Earache (aged 1 year-17), Infected insect bite (aged 1 year+), Impetigo (aged 18 years+), Shingles (aged 18 years+) andUncomplicated urinary tract infections (women aged 16 to 64) 

For more information, please click here.

Accessing Patient Services @ The Good Practice and within the community

Our practice is pleased to offer patients enhanced clinical access to GPs and other healthcare professionals, including:

  • 100 clinical appointments per 1000 patients per week
  • Patients telephoning our practice will never be asked to call back. (unless the patient chooses to call back e.g. if they want to see a GP or other healthcare professional who is currently on leave)
  • We offer an open reception and telephone service from 08:00 – 18:30 from Monday to Friday. 
  • Patients can make an online booking up to 4 weeks ahead
  • Our receptionists are trained in care navigation and signposting and can provided advice about appropriate alternative services such as extended hours hubs
  • We regularly review our systems to ensure there are enough appointments to meet patient needs every week
  • We also offer appointments in the evening and weekends within the community at hub sites (Violet Melchett Health Centre off the King's Rd and St Charles Centre for Health & Wellbeing in the North of the Borough).
  • We can refer you for

    GP Appointments

    Nursing Appointments

    Blood Tests

    Medication Reviews

    Cervical Screening

    Childhood Immunisations

    Wound Care

    To be referred into this service, please enquire about the Enhanced Access HUBs with at reception today and they will be able to assist you

We aim to provide the best access we can for our patients.  If you have any questions or suggestions please ask a member of staff or ask to speak to the practice manager. email: