Controlling your medical records Type 1 opt-outs

You have the right to control how medical information about you is shared, disseminated or sold, for purposes other than your direct medical care so called secondary uses (or purposes). Secondary uses include projects involved in risk stratification, “population health management”, national clinical audits, research, healthcare planning, commissioning of healthcare services by CCGs, commercial and even political uses. You can control your personal confidential information by expressing an objection, or opt-out, to your GP surgery, who will then add a special read-code, or electronic flag, to your GP record. One such opt-out is known as a Type 1 opt-out (sometimes referred to as a XaZ89 opt-out, after the flag added when expressed). A Type 1 opt-out, when present in your GP record, should prevent identifiable information about you being extracted from your GP record, and uploaded to anyother organisation, for purposes other than your direct care.

If you would like to register a Type 1 opt-out request, please email us on with:

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Please make sure the email contains the phrase "I wish to record a Type 1 objection on my medical record, please apply the read code(s): XaZ89 or 827241000000103 to my medical record".

Alternatively, please fill in this form (click here) and either email it to or drop it off at reception.

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