We are thrilled to welcome Vinyaya Pinto to Join our Coffee Morning on THURSDAY 5th of August

Born into a family of seekers and yogis, Vinaya Pinto is a passionate practitioner and focused teacher who brings depth of study, personal contemplation and a sense of reverence to her yoga classes.

Following a profound experience of joy and purpose during her first yoga class as a student, Vinaya met her meditation master at age 18 and began dedicating herself to more extensive hatha yoga study and teacher training in 1985. Later she founded the first-ever yoga studio in her native Kenya and welcomed students from around the world to her garden studio known as Space of the Heart.

Many students from her decades of teaching comment on how their lives continue to be deeply touched by the disciplined practice, reflection and real life common sense that are fundamental to all Vinaya’s practices and classes.

Zoom Link: https://bit.ly/3xyXPYY

Meeting ID: 706 860 4877

Passcode: coffee

Published: Jul 29, 2021